Phone Box

Phone Box

Get a Canadian SIM card before you enter Canada.

You get free transportation across the world with reasonable telephone plans for students, explorers, and newcomers.

Why should anyone compromise on speed to find an affordable phone plan?

PhoneBox offers 4G Speeds at 3G costs. We have banded together with Canada’s greatest organization suppliers to give you the best plans.

Out of all the options you have if you still wonder why you should choose PhoneBox? Here are our reasons.

PhoneBox provides Multilingual Client care. Their client care is familiar with English, French, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, German, Portuguese, and Hindi. You talk in the language you’re comfortable in and we get it. Much the same as our clients, our representatives come from everywhere in the world associated the moment you venture into Canada.

PhoneBox understands that it is not easy for everyone to get out of their homes; hence we have started an online service. Inside the comfort of your own house, get your sim and new package.

And if you refer PhoneBox to a friend you will get a month free!!!


Need assistance with anything? 

Fix4Less team is 24/7 ready to help you.

We are always online and just a message away.

Come visit us and switch to PhoneBox!!

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