FIX4LESS was founded by software engineer “Abdul Khan” a Canadian with 15 years of experience, who believe that consumers deserved a best customer services experience, in the mobile repair industry and the pre-owned/off lease  smartphone / tablet market as well as in software, website development and social media marketing.

With our fast and convenient on-site mobile repair service, and our like new pre-owned/off lease devices with 90-day warranty and fastest turn around repair, we have achieved just that in shortest time period.

We believe in Excellent customer service involves meeting & surpassing expectations.


FIX4LESS provides most convenient and reliable repair experience. Most repairs are completed in 30-60 minutes, we are the only company in Canada, which provide all in one solutions including repair and IT solutions, social media marketing and website development in fastest turn around time.


We at Fix4less want to put and end to mediocre repairs and low-quality refurbishing. Your devices deserve only the highest quality parts and service. Providing High level of workmanship and a commitment to provide Best customer service in the industry .

The Team

We bring a total of 5 years of knowledge and experience working under some of the top leading brands in the industry. This includes our technicians with previous training from top manufacturers such as Apple and Samsung. Fix4less also brings 2 years of pristine customer service experience dealing with various high-end luxury services and products.

We believe in Excellent customer service involves meeting & surpassing expectations.

Certified Off Lease Devices

Getting a COL device is a great way to get a premium device at an affordable price. You can save up to 50% off of retail versus purchasing new!
Every Device we have to offer goes through meticulous testing to ensure that it is like-new and fully functional. We guarantee each certified Off lease device with a complimentary 90-day warranty for your peace of mind.


Helping Environmental and Global warming!

When you purchase a certified off lease device, you are giving a device a second life. Not only that, but you are contributing to the reduction of harmful e-waste that ends up in our landfills, and reducing the demand to mine rare metals out of the earth.

Electronic devices must be recycled at the end of their life cycle. They contain precious rare earth metals, toxic chemicals, and explosive parts such as batteries.

In order to manufacture a new cellular device, rare metals are mined out of the earth causing years of damage to the area’s inhabitants, wildlife, and environment.

Batteries are flammable and can become explosive. It is important to handle with care. If they make their way into our landfills, they can leak harmful chemicals into our air, water, and soil.